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Lost in the Middle of Somewhere

And getting Nowhere fast...

7 November
This journal is an archive. I no longer make new posts.

I am Ember. I am a singer, an artist, a poet, and a priestess. I am a Pagan, a Fan, and a Geek. I am compulsively creative, insatiably curious, and notoriously nurturing. I am, it seems, neither sweet, nor innocent (or maybe I'm both? Who knows?).

I'm have recently finished a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies with a focus in polytheistic traditions. I am taking a break for a while before pursuing a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with focuses in relationship and pastoral counseling... I think. Heh.

This was originally my Dream and Spiritual Journal, and secondarily an account of my life in general. Then it became a significant record of my spiritual work, when I had time. I have since stopped posting here, but have left the old posts for folks to read if they're interested.

As such, people are still welcome to request to be let into my opt-in filters.

-------- Friending Policy --------

It may seem like I have so many LJ friends that I don't much care who friends me. Actually, the vast majority of my friends list is people I know or have met in person, and many of the rest are people I know from posting boards I have frequented for years now. So yes please, if you friend me, make a comment to introduce yourself in a recent journal entry, so I know you're there, and WHO YOU ARE! Especially if you know me in "real life" and/or if you are interested in one of my opt-in filters.

If I do friend you back, that is not a promise that I will read your journal. In fact, I rarely read LJ at all anymore, and when I do it's only a sub-set of journals which belong to my closer friends and personal interests. It's nothing personal, I just don't have the spare time anymore.

I rarely weed my friends list. When I do, it's usually people who don't have me friended. Since I don't read anymore, I can't be offended if you weed me out of your list.

If you have a journal over on Dreamwidth, though please find me there under the same name. I'm not there regularly yet, but that's my plan!

-------- Cross-Posting Policy --------

The details are here. The short version: Connecting public content from two of my EmberLeo accounts on different services is no big deal, as long as they're actually both me.

Anything else is bad. Breaching the privacy of a locked post in any way is VERY bad - don't do that, whether by cross-posting your comments to it, showing it to somebody else, quoting it, or whatever.

-------- Opt-in Filters --------

I have a few writing filters that are largely opt-in. If you are interested in reading them, drop me a comment. Of course, I don't promise to put you in even these filters if I don't know who you are at all.

My spiritual entries are usually locked. The majority of my interesting past posts are locked to my [Pagan] filter.

My [Gaming] filter contains rare in-character musings on various topics. There are only a few posts there, but if you're interested, you're welcome to 'em.

My [Politics] filter was mostly time-sensitive stuff, but if you want to read old news, you're welcome to ask.

I have a few other filters that aren't per se opt-in, but which may interest people who came for specific reasons. If you came here looking for something in particular that you can't find, drop me a line, and I'll do my best to help.